Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wedding Part Two

Have just found something I wrote while on our honeymoon, and now that I have some more photos to go with what I wrote, I'm going to post.

Saturday dawned; cloudy, windy, cool and perfect. I woke to the usual Sophie chatter, and the arms of my husband to be. We had ignored tradition and stayed together the night before our wedding. We aren’t particularly traditional, and the whole wedding had a casual feel to it, so we couldn’t really fathom being apart on the eve of a stressful yet exciting occasion. The morning went by in a mad hurry of breakfast, icing cupcakes, cutting sandwiches and the men organising chairs and umbrellas.

One of my favourite parts of the whole entire event was to come just before I started getting ready, and just on the arrival of my dear, beautiful friend Bec, who was to be our photographer for the day and night. It had been my wish to arrange the floral centre pieces myself to create a very casual, simple array of flowers in pressed glass and antique vases, as well as old jugs. Without much nonsense, and with the need to just “get the job done” my aunt, two dear friends and I began undoing all the flowers we had ordered under our covered pergola, and started throwing them “artistically” into any of the waiting vases or jugs. The image and smell that this haphazard job created was simply breathtaking. My heart skips a beat remembering how amazing the roses and hydrangeas were all laid out on the tables, and slowly taking shape in their respective vessels. The smell was overwhelming, and everyone who passed through doing any particular job commented on how amazing it was.
As soon as we started arranging the stems, I had an instant calm, and at the same time excitement, come over me as I realised how they were going to look; my wedding flowers were taking shape with the help of my amazing helpers, who had understood my vision perfectly. The mix of roses and hydrangeas (my favourite flowers) was heady and wonderful. The hydrangeas were full, stunning blues ranging from a deep, purple blue to a light, ice blue. Although I love all colours of hydrangeas, blue is my utter favourite, and these were perfect. The roses were a colour mix of pinks, creams and my favourite – antique, and were simply stunning. Some were open, some just starting to open, some were tiny blooms and others beautiful, large blooms.
I was in heaven. I couldn’t contain how excited I was. I honestly think the perfume of the now transformed pergola had made me a little dizzy and I was racing around, chatting and giggling - the perfect place, mentally, to get ready... 

All photos by the stunning Bec Johnson at Bec Johnson Photography
(Post to come about this terribly talented woman!)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bathing Beauties...

Just stumbled upon this stunning blog. I desperately want this persons life. Again! I need to become happier with my own. Maybe if I had a country farmhouse, I would be? Just a thought...

Here are some divine pictures from this blog about a perfect little family living in a stunning, old farmhouse they have renovated. It is beautiful. These pictures aren't actually of the farmhouse, but you should definitely head over and have a look at their lovely life at A Country Farmhouse.

Trina is giving her perfect hydrangeas a little drink to freshen up - like all lovely ladies, soaking in a luxurious bath to ready themselves for their evening engagements.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Just some research...

One of my dearest, most beautiful friends is getting married in August and has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids... Cue squeal and excitement!! (As if I wasn't already!)
This will be one of three weddings I have this year of some of my most cherished friends, and I couldn't be more ecstatic if I tried. Weddings all over again, and if there's one thing I dearly love, it's weddings (and Lewis!! Yes!! *phew!*). I am particularly chuffed because this means that all of my wedding blog searching can most definitely continue!  I loved scrolling through pages and pages of wedding ideas, tips, DIYs and beauty in general, so you can imagine my delight in spending my time doing this all over again, and having a valid reason to do so.

Here are my latest wedding finds...

Style Me Pretty

Alchemy Fine Events

Alchemy Fine Events

Style Me Pretty

Alchemy Fine Events

Once Wed

Style Me Pretty

Once Wed

I think I went a little overboard... See. This is how bad I get! You should definitely head on over to Once WedStyle Me Pretty and Alchemy Fine Events for much, much more wedding goodness.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sonia and Sophie...

I have been playing around with our camera today, and my sister Sonia and her perfect daughter Sophie have been my subjects. I have also had a go at some minor photo shopping, something I will want to continue with and hopefully (fingers very crossed) I will become better at it.

A few shots - be kind!!

To Market...

I'm a little into creating new traditions for my newly married life, and one of these is to regularly head to the Brisbane Flower Market on a Saturday morning, nice and early. To my complete happiness that's exactly where we headed this morning to choose flowers for my mother's birthday.

Here are some shots of the market, from both Lewis and I. (Yes, I know this is short and sweet, but I'm dying to go give my little niece, Sophie, a big kiss on her beautiful cheeks!)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Come Follow...

 I adore these. Claire at Fellow Fellow is just too clever. Fossil.Life.Style asked her to create a little something for a Valentine's DIY and this is what she came up with... because she is just that quirky and cute. They are heart candy gift tags, and I'm fairly in love...

Find the full DIY here Fossil.Life.Style Heart Candy Tag DIY

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Take a stroll down this one...

Check out this stunning blog. Thank you for sharing the inner workings of your mind so eloquently. I love beautiful things, and this is one girl who seems to have a knack for creating and finding an abundance of beautiful things.... The truth is, she had me at Anne Shirley...

Inspiration from Avenue M....

Comfort Food...

So, firstly, a huge thanks to my lovely friend Kate. She has terrific taste, and took a few of us to a little cafe in Milton this morning for a delectable brunch. I am officially in love (with Kate and this gorgeous place!).

Comfort at My Table is on Cribb Street, tucked away in a business building just down from Coronation Drive. Upon entering, I was overcome with the decor of this unknown gem.
White framed prints line the walls, beautiful old pictures hang throughout, vintage inspired jugs and vase of flowers and a basket of complimentary apples at the front of the cafe for customers. I love a space that is light in colour and decorated with simple, beautiful, old-worldly pieces without too much clutter. The jars of jam on display, with floral bunting along the counter and the stack of coffee table books give the cafe a feeling of being a comforting, indulgent place, and made me feel as if I was in my own home surrounded by my books and belongings.

The food is extremely well priced - the average meal being around $15 - and is just the right amount of comfort and gourmet. I highly recommend the french toast with ricotta, stewed strawberries, almonds, bacon and maple syrup. A welcome death by divine food. The staff are sweet and efficient, and all adorned with vintage floral aprons; such a simple yet beautiful touch.

I could mention every tiny detail about this place, but I feel that you should really just experience it yourself. Comfort at My Table is a delicious step back in time, with the perfect amount of vintage and modern to cater to all styles.  You won't be disappointed.

Images are a collection borrowed from Claire at Eatout-Brisbane, Nims and N-Zavackas, all from Urban Spoon.