Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Peacocks and Lilies...

More wedding information - when will it end!!

Wedding make up. I'm pretty sure all women freak out a little when they think about it... I think the most important thing about wedding make up is that it a) needs to be photo friendly, which means it needs to be a little more than natural to make sure you don't look deathly in photos b) needs to done by someone who knows what they're doing!! and most importantly c) it needs to reflect who you are. You should still feel like you underneath it all...
The fabulous Lydia Johnston from Peacocks and Lilies was the make up artist behind my wedding look in November, and I have to say, I am incredibly grateful for her amazing technique and relaxed, competent manner. She made getting ready for the wedding so much fun, and made me feel so special for my day.

I would recommend Lydia in a heart-beat. This is one of the most important parts of your wedding, or any occasion you may want to feel extra special for, so make sure you're entrusting the job to the right person.... The right person being Lydia.

These images from Peacocks and Lilies Facebook.



 The following are of my wedding from Bec Johnson Photography...obviously.

Lydia and Mary