Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Tell Laura, I love her...

Tonight I have been browsing Laura Ashley and I am desperately trying to NOT be sick with desire over each and every room they have created. Thanks to my sisters, I have long been an avid LA fan, and dream (the impossible dream) of one day furnishing my home, head to toe, in all of their divine pieces.

I am in awe of how effortless it all seems, however I keep reminding myself that they have a team of amazing experts putting together these looks. I love the layers they create in each setting, yet the rooms never look overly cluttered. The perfect amount of lived in, yet still neat as a pin and perfect. I am also a newly converted wallpaper enthusiast; how the perfect wallpaper can make a simple room so elegant and so classic. I am hopelessly in love with vintage floral prints that Laura A is so fond of. 

Here are some of my most recently coveted rooms... 

This wallpaper is sublime.

This is my newest project.. on a much cheaper scale...

Quaint kitchen - perfectly placed pieces. 

This is so completely seaside.

Again with the wallpaper!! 

The mirror, the wallpaper and the frames are fabulous.

This is perfectly luxurious.

Amazing clash of wallpaper and floral upholstery.


  1. I love all these images too - sweet and grown-up but casual and comfy too! Great inspiration!

    and it's Such a pleasure to *meet* another Brisbane blogger!

    - Catherine @ The Spring

  2. Hi Catherine,

    I totally agree - I think Laura Ashley is divine, and I desperately want everything.
    That's very sweet of you to comment on my blog :) I am just about to head on over to yours'.
    And I have to agree, it is lovely to "meet" a fellow Bris blogger!

    Mary x