Monday, 19 December 2011

Have a very Martha Christmas...

Christmas would not be Christmas without a little holiday decor envy. This year, we really didn't get time to put up the tree, get started on our shopping early, decorate our little home or even bake anything "Christmasy"! This was all due to being madly busy getting married (geez!!), and then honeymooning (how awful!), so I tried to make myself feel a little better by jumping on "old faithful".... Martha Stewart. I knew that she would definitely put me in a fabulous Christmas cheer, accompanied by carols and a cup of tea.

This is what I loved while clicking!

As you can probably tell, I am fairly traditional when it comes to Christmas decorating/wrapping/eating, and I am thoroughly unashamed! I am definitely putting all of these ideas aside for next year when I will start Christmas prep early. Sadly, we don't get snow... but I can very easily work around that.

Listening to: "Grown Up Christmas List" by Michael Buble... Sob...

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