Saturday, 26 May 2012

From me, to you...

Here is something a little different. Something very dear to me; something that hurts my heart to read, yet makes me feel so loved, for my whole life. A little context, perhaps? I am recently married, and at our wedding my perfect siblings gave a terrific speech - one that had me laughing and crying, and feeling like the luckiest little/big sister in the world. I thought I'd share it with you, if you don't mind...

Sonia, Duncan, Chrissie

Sonia: Mary was born on 18th June 1985. Coincidentally that is also Paul McCartney’s birthday. Somehow, in our family, everything leads back to the Beatles....
Chrissie: She was like our very own doll. We changed her nappies, gave her bottles, and adored her eight days a week.
Duncan: When we were little she always had a big smile on her face and we share so many happy memories. I remember playing Lion King and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the yard at Nereena. Mary was always keen to cast me in the role of little sister – which was not emotionally damaging at all.
Sonia: Mare was always putting on shows, and we all were made to applaud her renditions of Bad Case of Loving You, Venus, anything Celine Dion or Hanson. She always wanted to do what her older, glamorous sisters were doing: in the nineties this meant Melrose Place, Baywatch, Australis lipstick and Dolly magazine.
Chrissie: Later on, having a younger sister proved very useful for Sonia and I. For example, having someone to blame when caught Googling or Youtubing things like “Leonardo Dicaprio dreams” or “Edward and Bella’s Kiss from Twilight” or “Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights”. Andrew and Bunt would ask us “what’s this show, or who’s this bloke” and we would screw up our noses and say “Just some awful show/website/clip that Mare recommended”. It was believable. She keeps us young, and our husbands none the wiser…until now.
Duncan: In a houseful of sisters my musical education was limited to Spice Girls, Peter Andre, S Club 7, Aqua and the Steps Classic “5,6,7,8”. Anything on Hit Machine, Video Hits or in TV Hits magazine was gold to Mary and I have so many great memories of her tied to that music.
Sonia: She grew into a gorgeous young girl – all raspberries and vanilla. She has the softest skin and is always good for a cuddle and a kiss on her peachy cheeks. Her grooming is always impeccable – and as we age, Chrissie and I are grateful for her eagle eye, ie. calling for tweezers straight after kissing us 'hello' to pluck stray facial hairs, and excising Dunc’s cheeky blackheads…. Helpful.
Chrissie: Mary never complains. She stood outside the toilet to protect me after watching Blair Witch with me, and she cuddled up to me after watching the 'Sixth Sense'. She played with my hair and talked about horses and Taylor Hanson continually, even when she was sick of it. She held my hand while we drove down the turn-off of our family home, Nereena, for the last time, late in the afternoon and we cried together on the way into town.
Duncan: I hoped for many good things for Mary over the years, but I have narrowed them down to three for the purpose of this speech. 1) someone to protect you 2) someone to dance with you 3) someone to love you as much and more as we love you. Luckily Lewis is ready to take the reins and we are supportive and grateful that he is willing to field the thousands of phone calls, watch Gilmore Girls and listen to all Mary’s juicy news forever more.
Sonia: Mary has been an incredible aunt and is adored by all three girls. Lewis is also a favourite and we love that they will entertain their nieces while their mothers drink cups of tea and talk about the Royal Wedding.
Chrissie: As a side note, Andrew and Bunt are always grateful for the support that Mary gives us, and for the unconditional love and affection which she showers on them. While they think Lewis is great, and a patient bloke, they are quietly concerned that he is letting the brotherhood down with the effort he puts into Mary’s birthday and Christmas and general love-type presents.
Duncan: Mare, for 25 years you have been my longest and closest friend. You are a strong, caring young woman. I am very proud of you, and love you with all my heart.
Sonia: Mary has always been social and she has brought many great friends into our family. We are happy to see so many of those friends here today. Mary treasures her friends and family, and has a great way of bringing us all together. When Mum and Dad told us that she was born, it changed our lives forever. Before Chrissie and I thought we were so complete, and after she arrived we realized that life would not be complete without her.
Chrissie: Back to the Beatles…of course. If there’s anything that you want, if there’s anything we can do, just call on us and we’ll send it along, with love from us... to you. 

Me, during their speech...

I really do have the most beautiful sisters and brother. I doubt a girl could get any luckier than me. 

Footnote: Yes, I did cry again while putting it on here... 


  1. Oh mare, I've teared up reading it. You really are a special, loving individual x

  2. That is beautiful! Loved reading it, I read it aloud to Elise & we laughed about it. Thanks for making my morning cousins Xo I nearly looked like u in the photo while reading it

  3. This is lovely... Aren't siblings the best!!

  4. God, every time I read it, I'm reduced to tears again! I am very loved and lucky! Siblings (and cousins!) are beautiful x

  5. God I sobbed, again! You are so loved. Plus I ate tea cake today. xx

  6. Every time I re-read it, I cry! I hate popcorn and pepsi - movies! x

  7. I have to stop reading this. I cry every time!!!