Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Picture this - pretty in pink and a tad of turquoise...

I love finding new blogs to pour over and be wildly envious of, even if that results in my being depressed for any amount of time after said discoveries. What I wouldn't give to have a little bit of a budget to put towards doing some styling and/or decorating and renovating!!
I'm getting off topic a little - this stunning styling session has captured my eye and imagination. The combination of the pink and turquoise colour palette, with the little vintage twists and eclectic pieces, is inspired. Two colours I would normally never lean towards, and now I'm envisioning something, anything that I could make over in this style at home. I'm very in love, and you will completely understand why...

In case you can't tell, these fabulous photos are by Marianne Taylor (amazing) and florist Steph Turpin (genius) and I found them at The Pretty Blog, which in itself is divine. Check them out, why don't you! 


  1. Thank you, honey - I adore these pictures! So much talent in the world. I love the berries too :) x