Friday, 13 April 2012

A little lavender...

I've been finding myself decidedly drawn to lavender lately. Not the colour (which, is really quite lovely anyway), but the flowers. There's something terribly whimsical about this particular bloom; partly perhaps it has something to do with the scent (DIE!), or the way throwing together a bunch of lavender is so "wandering through a field of lavender in a billowing white dress, hair in braids, glowing skin, plucking bunches of the flower and tying them together with a ribbon from my hair"... You know??
Anyway, you get the gist. Here is a little lavender inspiration for your weekend...

(All pictures via Pinterest... where would I be without it??)


  1. I buy lavender from the Saturday Rocklea markets every other week. It's the best way to spend $5 and my bathroom always smells pretty!
    Then there's lavender scones! Yum.

    Speaking of scones, I hope you don't find this too creepy but I think you would love this place;
    It's a bit of a drive but so worth it!

  2. Hey! Thanks for your comment, and that is a great idea about buying the lavender from the markets. I adore those markets, but haven't bought lavender from them (I'm a roses gal!)!! I have also never had lavender scones, but lavender macarons are my favourite, so I dare say I would love them just as much!
    And it's not creepy at all, you're right, Flutterbies looks so lovely! I will have to work in a trip there soon. I saw on their site that they're having a Tuscany afternoon that sounds fabulous! x

  3. Beautiful lavender! We honeymooned in France and Italy and got lost driving on these little roads amongst the fields of Lavender . . .it could have been a romantic scene from a movie if we weren't fighting and swearing at Sat Nav so much! Love your blog. Hope your uni assignment went okay! lovT

  4. Oh, I love that story :) And you look back and go, "If only we weren't at each others throats" but you put a smile on my face!! So thank you! I would be in heaven in either of those 2 countries in lavender fields... One day! Your blog is divine, thanks for the inspiration x Ps. Assignment submitted successfully... now onto the next! x