Saturday, 5 November 2011

Surprising how the dress makes it all real...

I had my second last wedding dress fitting today. My gorgeous little/big brother came with me, which was impromptu and actually really special. I honestly thought it would just be the "bones" of the dress; maybe the top half, and only to make sure that we have the right measurements, but I walked into the room and there was my beautiful dress on the dress maker's mannequin, basically finished and absolutely perfect. I was blown away, and beyond excited. It was exactly how I had imagined it.

Duncan (brother) came in after I'd put it on with my wedding shoes, and even though we were in a hot, dodgy little room, my hair pulled up roughly, barely any make-up on and with my dear old dress maker, her husband and mother... for me it was a moment to remember. My brother and I are extremely close, so this was a lovely moment for us to share. Both of us grinning, me posing (as per usual) and swishing my skirt around, still euphoric after seeing and now wearing my wedding dress!

So, here it is... The last few weeks before the day....

20 days until The Wedding


  1. Ah, dear Pam the dressmaker. And her husband. And her mother. In that little room beneath the house. Sounds perfect :) Can't wait to see you and the dress on Saturday. (Been catching up on your posts.) xx

  2. Dear Pam indeed, darling! She is a total miracle worker, as are you for sending me her way. Thank you. Can't wait to see you and S on Saturday! x