Wednesday, 4 April 2012

French for a Day...

In my "previous blog", I attempted to post weekly about a particular French phrase I wanted to learn... That didn't last very long, nor did it run every week. I have updated this idea to a French phrase... every once and a while! For when I'm feeling particularly French (pffftt!) and wanting some beautiful pronunciation in my life. Join me?

"J'en veux un dans toutes les couleurs!"

"I want one, in every colour!

This phrase is particularly useful when you've found a distinguished, "well off" Frenchman who wants nothing more than you to sweep you off your feet, using his masses of money to take you on amazing dinners, lunches, shows and shopping sprees.

This one is closely followed by...

"Prix ​​n'est pas une question!"

"Price is not an issue!"

Photo by Debbie O'Donnell Photography

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