Friday, 27 April 2012

Fine dining...

Easiest tuna pasta bake in the history of... tuna pasta bakes. 

Lewis and I are at home on this Friday night, and before attempting some uni work (for both of us!) we decided to get dinner out of the way nice early and enjoy an ep of "Game of Thrones" (getting a liiiittle addicted, have to admit). I'm not one to be hugely creative with cooking, nor do I go to too much effort, so this one was perfect for our night in wearing oversized tracksuit pants and plonked in front of the heater (yes, winter is on its way). It's also the very first time I'd thought to whip this up (I know, crazy, right?).

What do you need to recreate this masterpieces, I hear you ask?

2 x packets of Continental Alfredo Pasta (and all that includes - lite milk, water and butter)
1 x tin of tuna in Springwater
Grated cheese - whatever type you'd like
Salt and pepper for taste

Preheat oven. Whatever temp you'd like, I'm making this up as I go! Cook both packets of the Alfredo together in the microwave (don't forget to double the ingredients for it).

Once the pasta is lovely and soft, and the sauce is slightly runny, tip in the tin of tuna and mix. Take a handful of grated cheese and mix into the pasta (adds a lovely, cheesy consistency throughout), then pour the lot into an oven friendly dish. Top generously with grated cheese, and pop into oven for roughly 15 minutes (basically until all the cheese is melted on top and you have a few "burnt" bits around the edge of the dish).

Remove, salt and serve.


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