Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Baby Takes the Morning Train...

Hello little blog! And little blog followers! Sorry for my absence, I am waaaay snow under with assignments, but I am coming by quickly to show you something a little old but utterly fabulous!!

My darling friends Nick and Sammi were married a few years ago in beautiful Montville (terrific wedding!), and a short while afterwards they did a shoot with the brilliant team at CK Metro Photography in Toowoomba. Nick and Sammi are perfect for each other, and are just divine souls in general. You'll love these shots just as much as I did when I first saw them!

Combine the talent of Ck Metro and and the retro deliciousness of my beautiful Sammi, and you get the following stunning shots...


  1. i adore these shots too. Sammi and Nick are the reason I booked Darren at ckmetro for my e-shoot and wedding.

  2. These are divine shots! He's terrific! And they are so beautiful. Wise move you, love :) x

  3. I absolutely positively LOVE these so so much!

    My minds racing with ideas!

  4. Haha! Honey, I know, how perfect are these :) Sammi and Nick are amazing, you'd love them. And I really have no words for these photos, they're sublime x