Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wander the World...

Where am I wandering to tonight, you ask? Here's the thing.. I would like to do a little more than 'wander' this particular destination. Ok so, maybe I would wander it, but I would like a little more time to discover the wonders of this place. Even though I have visited here previously, I didn't get nearly enough time as I feel this city deserves. Luckily, I have a husband who is more than agreeable concerning this dream.

So. Here's the plan. It's not a very in-depth one yet, but it's a start. Lewis and I + one month + a teeny tiny studio apartment + Paris = Bliss in Paris, or, as Lewis likes to call it, being bored in Paris. The idea is to stay in one place and get to know a city a little more than if we were just passing through. Obviously, it would take more than one measly month to really get to know a city, especially one as brilliant as Paris, but you have to work with what you've got! The City of Lights is most definitely calling me, and as been for a long time.

I want to wander back streets and stumble upon little cafes and shops I wouldn't normally find, get my morning coffee from the same place each day so that I get a familiar nod and smile with my cup. I want to read a whole book in the Luxembourg park, drink far too much wine while sitting at a booth in an intimate restaurant, buy vintage finds in tiny antique stores and bring home fresh flowers that I don't really need but hey, it's Paris so why not?? I want to have a picnic in the romantic Buttes Chaumont park, and kiss my husband on the Pont Alexandre bridge by lamplight, and get sick of seeing the Eiffel Tower (that's right... I said it...).

Of course, just getting there and doing all of this would mean that Lewis and I would be eating bread and cheese on the floor of our apartment for the entire month, but it's worth it. If I never get to visit any other place on this earth bar one spot (god forbid!) than let this be it. Let me feel a little less like a stranger in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and I know there are many, and everyone has their personal favourite and opinion on what is the most beautiful city. Just let me have this one.

.... That's my dream anyway. A girl's got to dream.

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