Sunday, 29 January 2012

Great stems... "Clueless", in a so not "clueless" situation...

I have a problem with obsessions. My mind latches onto something and I cannot seem to let it go. This is a highly problematic trait when my husband and I are choosing where to go for dinner, or talking about food in general. Once it's mentioned, I am set on a particular place/type of food, and changing my mind is near impossible. This post isn't actually about food, it is in regard to my absolute favourite flower (one of two), the hydrangea. These divine flowers made an incredible cameo at our wedding, and my breathe is taken away every time I see a stunning stem of crisp blue hydrangeas (or any other colour, for that matter, but blue in particular). Today I have stumbled upon some beautiful shots of this flower, and thought I'd share some beauty with you on this cloudy/rainy Brisbane day. Enjoy!!

I really could have added some pictures of our wedding, however I am saving them for their own post. That is how utterly perfect they were - they get their very own piece!

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