Monday, 6 August 2012

B & T...

I wonder what has taken me so long to write this post. It is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of my most beloved shops to date. Presents, gift cards, even random conversation about it are always breathlessly welcome, and you're about to find out (if you didn't already know!). 

Blake & Taylor is placed conveniently and appropriately in my well-loved precinct of Paddington, and is a site to behold. Situated on a busy corner of Latrobe Terrace, B & T is like a shining beacon of provincial home wares, stunning gifts, perfect, vintage home decor pieces and delectable tea and scones from their cosy little kitchen. Those of you who know me need me to say no more - the minute they see the words 'provincial', 'vintage' and 'tea' they know I'm in love, and in love forever. 

The picturesque building that houses the bespoke world of Blake & Taylor was built around 1890, and has been renovated in a cool, calming neutral palette. 
As you step through the heavy doors, you are engulfed in the aroma of coffee and delicious candles, and the lulling streams of yesteryear French songbirds. The first time entered this store, I almost swooned from the quaintness of it all! Sounds of coffee/tea making create a sense of stepping through your own front door, and you are instantly put at ease. Whether this is a stroke of luck or a well orchestrated strategy, it is working. You can spend an immense amount of time wandering back and forth through the impeccably styled displays. Literally. I spent a good hour there on the weekend, and I didn't even sit to have tea! 

It is plain to see that Blake & Taylor is a labour of much love, stunning taste and a need to surround people with beauty. If you have not yet done so, take some time one of these days to discover this treasure. You will thank me...

Photos from Blake & Taylor and the stunning blog of Chantelle Grady Little Things.


  1. CUTE! You'll have to take me there sometime :)

  2. Sweet! You need to get me personally there at some time :)Gold On Runescape