Saturday, 4 February 2012

Comfort Food...

So, firstly, a huge thanks to my lovely friend Kate. She has terrific taste, and took a few of us to a little cafe in Milton this morning for a delectable brunch. I am officially in love (with Kate and this gorgeous place!).

Comfort at My Table is on Cribb Street, tucked away in a business building just down from Coronation Drive. Upon entering, I was overcome with the decor of this unknown gem.
White framed prints line the walls, beautiful old pictures hang throughout, vintage inspired jugs and vase of flowers and a basket of complimentary apples at the front of the cafe for customers. I love a space that is light in colour and decorated with simple, beautiful, old-worldly pieces without too much clutter. The jars of jam on display, with floral bunting along the counter and the stack of coffee table books give the cafe a feeling of being a comforting, indulgent place, and made me feel as if I was in my own home surrounded by my books and belongings.

The food is extremely well priced - the average meal being around $15 - and is just the right amount of comfort and gourmet. I highly recommend the french toast with ricotta, stewed strawberries, almonds, bacon and maple syrup. A welcome death by divine food. The staff are sweet and efficient, and all adorned with vintage floral aprons; such a simple yet beautiful touch.

I could mention every tiny detail about this place, but I feel that you should really just experience it yourself. Comfort at My Table is a delicious step back in time, with the perfect amount of vintage and modern to cater to all styles.  You won't be disappointed.

Images are a collection borrowed from Claire at Eatout-Brisbane, Nims and N-Zavackas, all from Urban Spoon.

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