Saturday, 4 February 2012

Take a stroll down this one...

Check out this stunning blog. Thank you for sharing the inner workings of your mind so eloquently. I love beautiful things, and this is one girl who seems to have a knack for creating and finding an abundance of beautiful things.... The truth is, she had me at Anne Shirley...

Inspiration from Avenue M....


  1. Very beautiful. Mesmerising design! My lovely wife Edwina will adore this but is doing Pilates so will check it out soon. -We also have 3 weddings this year with my sisters in 11 days. Good times are these.
    -Chris Williams fellow Med104 student

  2. Isn't it a stunning blog? She does extremely well! And well done Edwina for her Pilates! Ouch!
    Weddings are just beautiful, but highly stressful! Even though, as you would well know, it is wonderful to experience your own, it is infinitely much more relaxing to attend someone else's wedding than plan one.
    Thanks for the post, Chris! x