Tuesday, 31 January 2012

An affair to remember...

I am alone tonight, and thinking of weddings... as per usual. I'm thinking about all the stress, tears, fights and money that goes into them, and how after every time someone has asked me how our wedding went, I give the same response of, "it was wonderful, perfect, we loved it.... and I'm SO glad it's all over!!"... I am probably not doing it justice. I don't know if any post-brides/grooms do. I'm not saying that you should feel wrong about having a stressful time planning your wedding, I'm just saying that, when the time comes, enjoy it. That's what everyone says, isn't it? Stop and take in your day, spend some quality time together. I doubt I actually did those things - too many people to see, too much to do, too many photos to be taken - but that hasn't made my day any less special.

I think what I want to say is, remember the really special moments. Remember waking up and the feeling you had in your stomach of knowing that you would be walking down the aisle to your perfect person in a few hours. Remember having tea and toast with your aunt while icing cupcakes. Remember everyone gushing over you throughout the morning, and the excited squeals of "THE BRIDE!!!!". Taking your dress into your room (or parents' room, in my case) and feeling the flutter in your chest about finally being able to put it on and be seen! Remember the flowers... The smell of them, all around you, and that perfect moment when everything was coming together, just how you pictured it, a thousand times or more throughout your life. Remember being worked upon, the cup of tea your friend made for you in your hand while you feel the soft tickling of the make up brush. The calm, surrounded by those who love you and who just want to be there to help you be at your most beautiful. Remember your mother and sisters helping you into your dress, while your flower girls huddle around you with blue ribbons in their hair, and the nerves that have finally set in. Walking down the stairs to your aisle, the voices of your friends and family gathered, hushed. The priest telling you that you look beautiful. Remember grabbing your father's arm, almost as a safety line, and hearing "Moon River" begin to play as the little girls make their way down the aisle. How they stopped midway, unsure of what they're supposed to be doing, and everyone laughing delightedly, yourself included. And finally, seeing him there. Right there, waiting for you. Grinning, nervous (SO nervous!), and laughing at the flower girls. He is why you are there.

Suddenly they all seem to melt away. It sounds corny and terribly unoriginal, but it's true. You're holding his hand, wanting to get closer but shy to in front of so many watching. You were terrified of crying hysterically and ruining your make up (and looking like an idiot in general) when you saw him at the end of the aisle, but all you can do is smile like crazy, and feel SO loved at this very moment. How your heart swells when one of the little girls comes to stand next to him and takes his hand, and the others come to you for a kiss. Your family at the front, all smiling and laughing and you know that it was all SO worth it, and you would do it all over again. Just like fighting to be with him. Everything you did was for this moment, and all the moments after in your life with him.

These are just a few moments to hold in your heart. I have mine tucked in there tight, to replay over and over. Even if you don't stop and "feel" these moments on your day, memory bank them for later. You will bring them out often, to fall in love with your wedding more each time.

We had the most beautiful wedding. It was the perfect day. 


  1. ohmygracious. I felt the SAME way after our wedding. So much time, effort, and money went into ours, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. I am just so incredibly grateful for the memories, the photos, and the feeling I get when I remember it :) sigh. great post! so happy to have found your blog! xoxo {av}

  2. It truly is such a hectic time, isn't it?? You feel like you've made progress and then realise you have a million other things to organise!! I still say that I am glad it's over and we can now be happily married, but I adored our day. I think it's the small things that make it so memorable and beautiful. And then when you remember that the big picture is... you're marrying the other half of your heart. You already have the most perfect day.
    Thanks for the comment, honey. Your blog is gorgeous - such a fabulous collaboration of inspiration. One of the better fashion blogs I have found :) x

  3. Beautifully said, Mare. Lovely Margaret (you know her) sat S and me down on a bench after our wedding photos and brought us two glasses of champagne. She made it very clear we were not to move, and not to talk to anyone else, just each other for a bit. So bossy! Always makes me smile.

  4. Darling, isn't she gorgeous! That makes me smile too - what a wonderful friend and what a beautiful memory for you two. We need those beautiful, thoughtful friends, always x