Thursday, 5 January 2012

EmersonMade for you...

I can't quite explain how I feel whenever I browse the following website. My dear friend Claire at fellowfellow first showed me this site a little while ago, and I have to say that I am now fairly obsessed. Not only am I obsessed with the clothing, but I am also VERY in love with the woman who is the mastermind behind this fabulous brand.

Emersonmade is a husband (Ryan) and wife (Emerson) team who together have created this brand named after her. (I will also point out here that I am quite a geek. I am in LOVE with the name Emerson now because of what a girl crush I have on her!). He is the photographer and she is does all the design, styling and artwork for the brand, as well as being a quirky, cool model. The duo split their time between New York, where the line is produced, and New Hampshire, where they own an organic farm (really?? I mean... really?? Can you just not be... so... "on"???).

Her collections are uber stylish and just that little bit cute, not to mention she makes them look beyond stunning... most likely due to her to die for figure, and the way the camera catches her having just the right amount of fun. I love how she makes the website and the pictures that little more interesting with her own phrases and designs. Her sense of humour is odd but funny, and kind of makes me tip my head to the side and give a little burst of amused laughter whenever I stumble upon a really good one.

Emersonmade Golden Dragonfly Necklace $68

In their words, "Emerson Farm is a horse farm that we converted into an organic farm where heritage breed animals live in their natural habitats! Heritage pigs in the woods and hens foraging in the fields! Heirloom veg's in the garden! Galway cattle range in the pastures. Pedro (the dog) wrangles those Sons of Mothers!"

I hardly need words to describe how intoxicating this brand and woman is. Her style alone is envy worthy, yet she seems to be so fun and "whatever" that you kind of just... love her instead of hating her...

Emersonmade Golden Lion Necklace $68

This new year's resolution? Aspire to be as cool, talented, creative, (THIN!!), fun and driven as Emersonmade... 

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