Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Wedding... Part One

Isn’t it funny how something that has been so desperately dreaded, not in a sense of what the end result is – marriage to an amazing man – but more so how the event could ever come to fruition successfully, can turn out to be such a fabulous affair.

 Since January, Lewis and I have painstakingly planned this wedding down to the last detail with the help of some fantastic family and friends. It has been the bane of our existence this year. We have constantly wanted to throw in the towel and run away together, but each time justified our efforts with the fact that we couldn’t fathom being married away from our families and friends. So it utterly surprises and delights me to say that our wedding day was absolutely perfect.

The whole week leading up the day, the weather was perilously teetering on down pour. In fact, the Wednesday and Thursday it was unforgivingly raining. My parents’ house, where our ceremony and reception was to be held, is situated higher up a mountain and tends to be more foggy and wet than in town. Stress levels soared, and my loud, dramatic family definitely out did themselves with the drama in the house in the last few days. Apart from our worry over the weather, the whole week had been hugely stress free and lovely. The time was spent with friends, parents, siblings and divine nieces, one in particular who made sure we were up very early each morning with her chattering on the other side of the wall to indulgent grandparents. She is much too cute to hold a grudge against and I found myself unable to lie still for long, always wanting to go in and kiss her beautiful cheeks and hear her usual morning query of, “Hab a good sthleep, Mare-Mare?”  (At this point in my writing, I am becoming teary missing my family!! And I am on an airplane!! Bad combination!!) Overall, we had a wonderful week with so much love and support it hurts my heart to remember it.

For now, here are some snaps I have "stolen" of some of our wonderful friends and family on the day. (Thank you the gorgeous Tom, the fabulous Erin and my darling Claire (@ FellowFellow) for these ones).

My father, Bruce, and I.

My sisters, Sonia and Chrissie.

My mother, Ann, and Lewis sharing a moment at the ceremony.

Flower girls, Sophie, Margot and Clare, joined by cousin Elizabeth.

Oscar, and his gorgeous partner, Claire.

Erin, myself and Gemma. 

Mare and Claire.... (and Dunc in the background!)

Lewis and Mary


  1. Your dress is SO beautiful! Is it vintage?? Where did you find it?

  2. Hi! Thank you :) I loved/love my dress - I felt so special in it.
    I searched and searched for a vintage dress for my wedding, but in the end I found this fabric at a Brisbane fabric store called Gardams and had a dressmaker do the rest! My inspiration was from a beautiful site called Tea Rose - this lady's dresses are divine x