Thursday, 29 December 2011

Down on the Corner

On our drive each morning and afternoon to and from Toowong Village to catch the train for work, Lewis and I began noticing a house on a corner of Sylvan road that was having renovations done. Every day we would both take turns guessing what this little house would soon become. On one such trip, we drove past to find it had been given a name... the Corner Store Cafe.

I can't tell you how excited I was to see that there would soon be a cafe within walking distance from our home! I had always dreamed of having a local place to mosey on down to for a light weekend breakfast or maybe with a book to have a solo, relaxing coffee. This looked to be such a place. I instantly fell in love with its large tin buckets of fresh flowers in the front windows, and the small deli they had created in the entrance of the cafe.

I have to say we are actually quite proud of the Corner Store Cafe, even though we have no attachment to it beyond having been detached witnesses to its creation. The place is always buzzing and packed, with cyclists and families constantly littering its covered outdoor dining area, and on many occasions we have driven past to find there to be a line of people waiting to be seated. This is most likely due to the food (obviously) and the gorgeous young wait staff that have been gathered to work there. The service is quick, efficient and fun, and the food indulgent. My favourite at the moment is their fruit toast with ricotta and honey. Oh... my lord...

So if you have a free morning or midday, any day of the week, take some time to enjoy this fabulous success story of a cafe. We certainly do.

(All photos are from the Corner Store Cafe website and are by Alex Chomicz)

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