Sunday, 17 June 2012

On Pointe...

On another recommendation from one of my sisters, I have started watching "Breaking Pointe" on Sidereel (LOVE Sidereel!). My sisters and I have always loved anything to do with ballet. We all feel that, given the chance, we would have been terrific ballerinas.... Perhaps in our very vivid imaginations.  We love the grace and propriety of the institution that is professional ballet. This form of dance has long been known for it's high stature and exquisite, classic choreography. What it is also known for, is the determination and hard work it expects from the dancers who choose to become professional ballet dancers. 
The series "Breaking Pointe" follows a group of real ballet dancers at Ballet West in Salt Lake City, each at different levels in their dancing careers. The grit, heartache, pain and triumphs that is their lives in the world of ballet is on show. Ok so no, they are not actors and as such the "acting" is not great - a little flat actually. However, if you have a genuine love for ballet, this show is worth watching. If you love "Centre Stage"... this show is definitely worth watching. 

Find "Breaking Pointe" here on Sidereel, and enjoy some ballet inspiration. Also, check out my Pinterest board "I Always Wanted to be a Ballerina"...


  1. This is so beautiful Mary. I practised ballet for a few months and it was hard work, but very beautiful when done properly. We got to wear pretty tutus and I loved wearing my ballet slippers.

    My current obsession is listening to classical ballet music, it's so relaxing and perfect for studying :)
    This series looks wonderful! I haven't heard of it before, but I think I'll give it a go.
    Hope you're doing lovely!
    xx Maria

  2. Darling, what a lovely comment! I have never practised ballet and have always been sad for it. I can imagine it would've been so very hard, but so exciting to do while you had the chance. I'd be the same - totally up for tutus and ballet slippers!!
    I am going to have to have a go at your new obsession! I love listening to instrumental music (current fave is the "Out of Africa" soundtrack), so classical music is the next step. Anything to relax and unwind (and feel cultured while doing so!).

  3. This is consequently stunning Jane. I practised ballroom for a couple of months plus it ended up being efforts, but extremely lovely while performed correcly. We got to utilize fairly tutus and that i liked donning my dancing slip-ons. Rs To Gold