Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tea party fit for a princess...

The following photos are a little old now, but I remembered them and had to write about them. By now, you will all be familiar with Bec Johnson, my amazing wedding photographer and very dear friend. These photos are from her angel daughter Scarlett's fourth birthday party from a couple of years ago. Bec styled the intimate princess party herself, and I could just die thinking about how badly I would have wanted this when I was a little girl. Heck, I want it now! Scarlett is such a sweet, peaches and cream little doll. Just one of the many reasons I covet Bec's beautiful life (Scarlett's hair is a big point of jealousy, for me and her mother!!). Bec is such a wonderful mother to Scarlett and Parker, and you can see how much time and effort goes into making her little ones have a delicious childhood.

Scarlett's guests wore tiaras, pearls and party dresses, ate cupcakes and sipped strawberry milk from antique tea cups and saucers. The little dressing table is antique and re-created by Bec as a birthday present. And do I even need to mention the Barbie birthday cake? I didn't think so. My mind is whirling with ideas for when I one day am lucky enough to have a little girl.

Aren't these perfect?

See the full post on Bec's blog here. 

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