Tuesday, 11 October 2011

You all really should follow FellowFellow...

My dearest, darling friend Claire has recently accomplished a few things. She has become engaged (last year) and is currently planning her wedding (that, in itself, is epic... believe me), has made the huge move from Germany to Singapore and has just started her own business, which she is running from Singapore. As you can imagine, I'm extremely proud. She is terribly clever and I assure you, you will love her products!

For anyone wanting inspiration with anything from the office space, to photography, to nail polish colour (love that one), you should check out her blog FellowFellow. I hop on it daily to get a dose of quirky cool - something I lack and so must live it vicariously through her.

What you should REALLY do is pop on over to her shop FellowFellow Shop and pick up some gorgeous pieces that Claire has screen printed herself and put together! I am loving her gift tags, her notebooks and the amazing wing mobiles. Terrific gift ideas; for loved ones or just for yourself. Keep up to date with her newest products that I know are going to sell out so quickly!

I have constantly been bewildered by this girls creative talent for many years now, and I know that she, and anything she does, will be inspired...

Small Travel Wallet in Gold/Neon Dots - $10 

Wings Mobile in Moth - $60 

Flag Gift Tags - Set of 10 for $8.50


  1. Pretty blog Mary!

    These FellowFellow products are right up TGC alley! Thanks for the share!

    Leni xxo

  2. Thank you, honey! And it is my pleasure. Aren't her products terrific! x