Sunday, 9 October 2011

A slight change of address...

As I am so very new to the blogger world, you will have to forgive my lack of savvy when it comes to blog addresses, posts and the like. This address was the original for my blog; it somehow got mixed up in all of my confusion in how to use the site and I ended up with a different address. For anyone already following 'all-that-is-dear-to-me' (which I personally thought was a far too long url and I agonised over using it), I am so sorry! I really don't think there were many people following it, but on the off chance, I really do apologise. From now on I will be posting all of my inner musings to this blog... I have also given it a face lift.

For anyone who has stumbled upon my blog and would like to see the very few pieces I started out with, please feel free to check them out here all-that-is-dear-to-me.

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