Sunday, 30 October 2011

Home is.... in any of these please!

Thanks to my sister Chrissie, I am officially hooked on a certain website that takes you inside and outside amazing homes from movies and celebrities. Seeing as I am obsessed with houses, this probably isn't the biggest surprise of my (or your) life. Hooked on Houses is one of her best finds and I am more than happy to give credit where credit is due - straight to her.

Some of these houses are iconic - "Father of the Bride" being probably my most dearly loved - and are used many times for many films. I love imagining how I would decorate if I were to live in them; how I would use each room, and what furniture I would purchase (with my millions of dollars, obviously) and place, what colours I would paint the walls, or which wall paper would best fit the style of the room/house. I imagine the parties I would host, and the InStyle magazine shoots of my decor... You know, the usual stuff you have to think about before purchasing a home.

The other aspect to the website is to give you a peak at how the rich and famous are living. Some more modest than others, and some completely ridiculous. If you're anything like me and you love stalking celebrities and coveting their lifestyles, then this is definitely a site for you.

Below are some of my favourite homes from movies...

"Father of the Bride" - Maple Drive... sigh...

"Something's Gotta Give" Hampton house

Hampton house interior... why can't I have this?

Hampton house bedroom - comes with own Diane Keaton

"Marley and Me" farmhouse... Actual house. I want this dog also.

What I would give to have this....

And thrown in for good measure - Julia Child's french home.... More of a fence and garden view. Stunning.


  1. Wooow great rooms.I love it.

    Greatings send you Conny
    from the Nederlands

  2. Some of these rooms really are beautiful, aren't they Conny! x